It isn't uncommon for many users to use weak passwords simply because they are less difficult to remember or to use scripts, templates and plugins which are not updated for a long time. In either of these situations, it won't be a challenge for a hacker to take over the Internet site and from there on to take control of other websites that are hosted within the same account. In order to prevent such a scenario, we have added an innovative security option named JailHost. It limits the access which a script has exclusively to its own folder, so if one of your websites is compromised, the attacker will see its content, but won't be able to access any other content within your account, thus the damage will be small. Needless to say, using JailHost won't substitute the security measures you should take by keeping your scripts up-to-date and using long and complex passwords, yet it will enable you to limit the damage to one site only.

JailHost in Shared Web Hosting

We’ve included JailHost for all shared web hosting solutions, so you could protect all of your sites with just a couple of clicks in your Hepsia Control Panel. The option is not active by default to prevent interfering with any Internet sites where you may want visitors or admins to be able to access content from other folders inside your account, but activating it for all the other websites is very simple. Unlike other Control Panels where the vast majority of domains have their files in the exact same main folder, all domains and subdomains in Hepsia have their own folders, which makes the management and the protection of multiple websites easier. In the unfortunate scenario of a website getting hacked, the rest of your websites will be safe and we always have multiple daily backups for the infected one, so we can bring it back to its original state within minutes.

JailHost in Semi-dedicated Hosting

JailHost is available with all our semi-dedicated hosting plans, so if you host a couple of websites, you can easily separate them from each other to keep them safe. This option has to be activated for every single Internet site and is not enabled by default, so as to avoid interference with scripts that need access to multiple folders within the account. Activating it for all other websites will take no more than a couple of mouse clicks within the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. Unlike many other Control Panels, Hepsia doesn't place several Internet sites under the main domain folder. Instead, every domain or subdomain has its very own folder, which makes it much easier to manage and shield all of your Internet sites. In case that a site in your account is hacked, not only will your other Internet sites remain untouched, but we can also restore the damaged website in no time as we will have multiple backups of your entire content.